Eupen is the capital of East Belgium with has a long history, and provides a wide range of attractions.

Weser Valley Dam

The Weser Valley Dam near Eupen has become a popular spot for excursions in recent years. The lake provides drinking water for Eupen and its surroundings, and consequently swimming is not allowed, but there are many other opportunities for having fun. There is a climbing tower, along with cycle paths and instructional trails, which explain the history of the dam’s construction along with its technical details. Its unspoiled natural environment and wonderful views are especially popular with visitors.

IKOB Museum

The IKOB Museum of Contemporary Art has its finger on the pulse of contemporary art, in the form of regularly changing exhibitions. A particular aim of the museum is to address young people and inspire an appreciation of art in them.

Cultural Centre “Alter Schlachthof”

The Alter Schlachthof Cultural Centre offers a wide variety of events. With live concerts from regional and international bands, art exhibitions and parties, there’s something for everyone.

Ternell Ecology Centre

The Ternell Ecology Centre is a regional centre for environmental education, and runs ecology-related workshops. It also puts on exhibitions and runs guided tours. In winter, the centre can be reached on cross-country skis. The Ternell Ecology Centre includes a museum, displaying exhibits of the local fauna and flora. The centre is well worth a visit.