Eynatten – Hauset – Raeren


Eynatten has walks through pasture landscape past historic farmhouses. Gut Neuenhof, Gut Stester, Hof Kinkebahn, Gut Möschenberg are just some examples. Other places of interest are the Amstenrather Haus(directly opposite the Hotel), Vlattenhaus, Herrenhaus, Burg Raaff, the Carrot museum and Totleger forest.


The tiny village of Hauset is situated away from main roads in the romantic Göhltal (Göhl valley). The old village, around the area where the castle used to be, can scarcely be made out any more. Just a few buildings still hint at its presence. The St Rochus chapel, Hof Von Weersth and the imposing “Hammer Bridge” are good reasons to visit our neighbouring village. The “Sandstone Forest” with its Cyclops Stone joins up with the forest of Aachen. The Belgian-German society “KuKuK” has its base here, celebrating culture, history and tourism in the cross-border region.


The residents of Raeren can be proud of their castle. It was built in the middle of the 14th Century, at the confluence of the Iterbach and Periolbach streams. The pottery Museum and the tourist information office are housed here today. Other historic buildings you can discover while walking in the area include Haus Bergscheid, Haus Raeren, Knoppenburg, Haus Moeris and Ravenhuis. Hertogenwald forms the northern boundary of the High Fens nature reserve (Hohes Venn).